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Innocent Spouse

Innocent Spouse LLC, our sister company, combines expertise and experience to provide personal service to you, our clients, in preparing and handling your innocent spouse claims with the IRS. We are the only consulting service on the internet specializing in innocent spouse that directly represents you. We are not a referral service.

Roger Maurice is a retired IRS revenue agent with 12 years' experience with the Innocent Spouse Program. From 2000 until 2003, he was the Innocent Spouse Issue Specialist whose exclusive duty was providing technical advice to IRS personnel with innocent spouse questions. From 2003 until his retirement in 2011, he remained actively involved with the Innocent Spouse Program.

Roger's extensive experience makes Innocent Spouse LLC uniquely qualified to provide you quality representation on your innocent spouse case.. We do not refer you to others – we work for you to resolve your issue.

While no one can guarantee success in representing you with the IRS on innocent spouse issues, we will give you an honest assessment of your chances for relief. We will not encourage you to hire us to pursue a case we believe has little or no chance of success.

Innocent Spouse LLC is authorized to represent taxpayers at all levels of the IRS, including the independent Appeals Division, to resolve your case. We have access to qualified attorneys to represent you in Tax Court should your case proceed to that level.